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  • Leo
    Leo23 godzin temu

    the one thing that impresses me the most is that they are so organized, yet so chaotic for some reason, as all things should be, im not even gonna criticise the work they do, its just that its fun work and not bad work

  • Tolf
    Tolf23 godzin temu

    I thought giovanni being Ash's father was canon in the games for some reason. I guess... Not? I always thought he was

  • Mélanie Sonier
    Mélanie Sonier23 godzin temu

    Your logic on eye color does not work on me & my family. Dad has brown, mom has green. Me & sister blue but in different shades. I have ocean blue & my sister has clear blue. We both have brown eyed boyfriend. My daughter is blue. My sister 2 children has brown. Eye color is very wierd😆 Our parents told us it was because of our 2 grandpa, they both had blue.

  • A A
    A A23 godzin temu

    Pls.....stop pointing

  • Nathan Coan
    Nathan Coan23 godzin temu

    If silver is the same silver in the game, I think it will be around 50 years since GSC, most likely silver is the grandfather of Ash. Oak is the son of Blue, (born before GSC).

  • Alexander Elderhorst
    Alexander Elderhorst23 godzin temu

    Of course Bruno isn't the father, Ash is an awful trainer quite often.

  • Zach Crawford
    Zach Crawford23 godzin temu

    I honestly thought it was "him" since the show pretty much first aired.

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown23 godzin temu

    Couldn't it be early onset grey hair...

  • Carter Brown
    Carter Brown23 godzin temu

    Game Theory in 2018: I Solved Ash's Age. Game Theory in 2021: I Solved Ash's Father By The Way Ash Is Probably 21 At The Current point Of Sword

  • Captain Bumbles
    Captain Bumbles23 godzin temu

    Plot twist: it’s ditto. 😂

    ADITYA DURVE23 godzin temu

    Everyone:Who is Ash's Father Gary with his parents missing*:Sobs*

  • Donald
    Donald23 godzin temu

    Didn't they show ashes grandmother prior? We would know her prior traits before

  • Shadow
    Shadow23 godzin temu


  • Limgargar Kevin
    Limgargar Kevin23 godzin temu

    When I saw this video I already know who it is

  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas Martin23 godzin temu


  • Style Snivy
    Style Snivy23 godzin temu

    I’m surprised. I actually remember punnet squares and genotypes and alleles.I understood everything here. First time.....

  • Style Snivy
    Style Snivy23 godzin temu

    And polygenic punnet squares...ok ok...maybe it’s cause I’ve taken a lot of Biology, even recently...

  • CozmixPlayz
    CozmixPlayz23 godzin temu

    11:54 : *Sad voice* 11:55 : BUT HEY, THAT'S JUST A THEORY. A GAME THEORY

  • Ayuzawa Yukina
    Ayuzawa Yukina23 godzin temu

    No no....Ash is Adopted

  • skott townzend
    skott townzend23 godzin temu

    Its Giovanni

  • Inun
    Inun23 godzin temu

    Still pushing the fake evolution for humans.

  • Soul Seeker
    Soul Seeker23 godzin temu

    Does Nintendo or mojang actually watch these?

  • Mocha Furvie
    Mocha Furvie23 godzin temu

    Ash is a pokemon, he doesnt age

  • Mocha Furvie
    Mocha Furvie23 godzin temu

    Ash Ketchup

  • moamoamoam
    moamoamoam23 godzin temu

    Music theory?

  • ShadowBladerGod21
    ShadowBladerGod2123 godzin temu

    This literally is never something I’d think I’d ever see yet here it is

  • Longest Name
    Longest Name23 godzin temu

    He is going to come back on ash’s birthday...oh wait he is still ten

  • Deadite
    Deadite23 godzin temu

    Silver's hair is obviously SILVER grey, meaning his hair has greyed. It doesn't even look blonde.

  • Commit sUWUICIDE 69420
    Commit sUWUICIDE 6942023 godzin temu

    ngl i feel there should be 2 diff channels this for mat pat and the other for this guy

  • Nebula Plays
    Nebula Plays23 godzin temu

    I want mat back

  • SpriggAniMation
    SpriggAniMation23 godzin temu

    Now we know why ash wants to catch em all

  • SpookTunes
    SpookTunes23 godzin temu

    Plot twist: Giovanni became a mobster because he couldn't afford child support and needed more money

  • Jacob Frederiksen
    Jacob Frederiksen23 godzin temu

    I Think the father is mr mime

  • BITTU bittu
    BITTU bittu23 godzin temu

    You know that you can colour your hair🙂🙂🙂🙃🙃

  • Zach Crawford
    Zach Crawford23 godzin temu

    Uh Silver's hair is...silver, probably because he's older.

  • Cameron Colwell
    Cameron Colwell23 godzin temu

    He could be adopted lol

  • M Gian farrel
    M Gian farrel23 godzin temu

    i guess mr mime is just a step dad

  • Evelin Quinn
    Evelin Quinn23 godzin temu

    I mean, I figured silver has silver dyed hair and that makes him silver, but I know nothing about the man.

  • Charzard
    Charzard23 godzin temu

    On the last man to be the farther I agree but I don't, He has Brown hare and white skin not darker skin like Bruno

  • Salandra Wolfe
    Salandra Wolfe23 godzin temu

    I didn’t see this anywhere in the comments, so here’s my theory: It’s possible the desert people built the creepers as like a prototype Iron Golem: something that would protect them from danger. But the creeper turned hostile, so they started looking for something to repel them, because they did so much damage when they exploded. They discovered that creepers (for whatever reason) are afraid of cats, so they started keeping them around and worshiping them to keep the creepers away. As in your last theories you suggested the villagers/illagers are descendants of this culture, it would explain why cats spawn in villages, because the villagers kept them when they separated from the builders. Then illagers just cargo cult their ancestors because they don’t know any better. I feel like this is more feasible than a creeper wanting to protect a cat, lol.

  • Dark Chief
    Dark Chief23 godzin temu

    Who Got This Recommendation For A Long Time But Watched It Now

  • Nathan Appleby
    Nathan Appleby23 godzin temu

    Ahh Python. Giving inadequate error messages. *Cries in C*

  • jhomari domondon
    jhomari domondon23 godzin temu

    I don't understand

  • Cryptic Crow
    Cryptic Crow23 godzin temu

    Chara isnt a sociopath or evil they are just traumatized

  • Some Astro Hydra
    Some Astro Hydra23 godzin temu

    In the games at least both Ash & Red exist at the time. In Sun & Moon you can find a picture of Ash. Red also happens to visit the Region. They are separate characters. But there is no way Teenage Red is Ash’s father. Guy spent most of his days training on a Snowy Mountain Peak.

  • Gwagia
    Gwagia23 godzin temu

    In the games i played your Dad is the first gym leader.

  • dxjxc91
    dxjxc9123 godzin temu

    Yeah, and lets bot get into the fact that a Pokemon multiverse is literally canon and the anime and games almost certainly don't take place in the same ones (hell, just the games are spanning at least 2 (mega and non-mega), without counting each individual copy of each game as a separate universe).

  • Matt Serafino
    Matt Serafino23 godzin temu

    Mass effect legendary edition just came out. maybe that will prompt a revisit to this theory

  • ElliotNutella :)
    ElliotNutella :)23 godzin temu

    I don't think people remember that in pokemon black and white anime Giovanni met Ash and never said anything, he just attacked Ash with his Persian. Just sayin'

  • acexxxoasis
    acexxxoasis23 godzin temu


  • WilliamzZz13
    WilliamzZz1323 godzin temu

    All the republicans put the dislike. Lol.

  • Banana Boi
    Banana Boi23 godzin temu

    what if ash is ADOPTED (i didnt steal this joke i swear)

  • Dorthy Summers
    Dorthy Summers23 godzin temu

    B.e.S.T f'u''l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's - E-R-O-T-I-C---- .❤️ 垃圾 PRIVATE SNAP : ️⤵️ WTF-Baby♥️ !💖❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,.💖🖤 #在整個人類歷史上,#強者,#富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,#氏族,#城鎮,#城市和鄉村中的弱者,#無`'#守和貧窮成員。#然而,#人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,#被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,#並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。.#說到食物,#不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。#相反,#他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。#他們學會了清潔,#切塊,#調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,#在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,#並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(#如山核桃,#山核桃和豆科灌木 #來調味食物煮的時候|

  • Brian A
    Brian A23 godzin temu

    We all known Ash's Dad is Mr.Mime

  • JLzBop
    JLzBop23 godzin temu

    2022 and still no new team salvato game, whens the release date

  • Lynn
    Lynn23 godzin temu

    Austin, Sammy Oak has blue eyes... Not that it helps here, but hey. Factual error.

  • Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
    Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries23 godzin temu

    Unfortunately by cannon is his dad is professor oak.

  • Mattlwurscht
    Mattlwurscht23 godzin temu

    Wasn’t ash‘s dad a arena trainer in Alpha Saphire? I forgot but I thought we already saw him

  • DefNotXayah
    DefNotXayah23 godzin temu

    in the musical she says when she met ashes father, she put all of the team rocket stuff behind her. she met giovanni and dated him, but met ashes father, left giovanni and his gang ( which would have been an early team rocket)

  • Sup.
    Sup.23 godzin temu

    Ash's father just went to get juul pods, he'll be back soon

  • ChrisO 001
    ChrisO 00123 godzin temu

    I find that each starter is the best in their own particular niches. -Bulbasaur is the best strategic choice for a play through in Kanto. -Squirtle is the optimal choice for Pokémon Red and Blue speed runs. (Kind of ironic now that I think about it considering it’s a turtle) -Charmander (at least now) is the most competitively viable in Pokémon battles as Charizard.

  • Tyson Hencheroff
    Tyson Hencheroff23 godzin temu

    Cursed thumbnail, great video, amazing cardboard cutouts, I SEE A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS!

  • Aussie Egg
    Aussie Egg23 godzin temu

    18:05 ._. Welp. Nice. I guess it’s safe to say that the 2020s are the worst decade ever.

  • DL El king
    DL El king23 godzin temu

    You play five night at Candy's?!

  • SombreAria
    SombreAria23 godzin temu

    Spoilers: Funny thing is, the Ice Play "Pokémon on Ice" had an entire scene of Giovanni being Ash's father, & while Nintendo/Game Freak did not directly create the script for the play, they did approve it for the Ice shows. So yeah. It is Quazi-canon, depending on how you look at it.

  • Samuel Pearce
    Samuel Pearce23 godzin temu

    What if Silver just dyed his hair

  • shapur products
    shapur products23 godzin temu

    I hate austin

  • Izzy B
    Izzy B23 godzin temu

    This feels personal to me cause my mom is named... Delia😳. She’s light skinned and I’m medium browned skinned with brown eyes and dark black hair. Who’s my father mom!!! I was near the same age when Pokémon came to the US. I was soo drawn cause of the single mother and the father wasn’t even mentioned.

    PAUL MCF23 godzin temu

    yeah this theory has been around for 20 years. Its perfect anime trope for the father to be the bad guy boss

  • Ayden Burr
    Ayden Burr23 godzin temu

    From the second i clicked on this video i thought as a joke that he was going to throw away all the candidates and say Giovanni was his father. But it turns out ive watched too many of these videos

  • Nepheos
    Nepheos23 godzin temu

    Wasn't his dad on TV once because he's "a really strong trainer" ? ... well I guess Giovanni was a gym leader once.

  • Mossk’s Empire
    Mossk’s Empire23 godzin temu

    The only thing running through my mind during this vid is blue eyes white dragon

  • Kybocat
    Kybocat23 godzin temu

    and the animators planned all of this

  • Nepheos
    Nepheos23 godzin temu

    Does the skin color even matter, if the kid is outside like 90% of the time and gets roasted by pokemon on a daily basis?

  • Newmansos
    Newmansos23 godzin temu

    I think its matt damon

  • Tasty Jason
    Tasty Jason23 godzin temu

    i thought somebody already theorised this

  • krish samajder
    krish samajder23 godzin temu

    Did you know that " hay it's me Austin " is the most popular into in the world. 😮

  • Lego Darth Maul
    Lego Darth Maul23 godzin temu

    When it's a film theory but you don't have permission to post on that channel

  • Tasty Jason
    Tasty Jason23 godzin temu

    it’s brock

  • max nguyen
    max nguyen23 godzin temu

    Question that hasn't been answered in years

  • Donna Torres
    Donna Torres23 godzin temu

    Where matpat