Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?


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I'm sure you've been playing a game or watching a video on your phone when suddenly it is interrupted with an add for a weird and fake looking mobile game. I've seen a lot of channels try out these games to see if they play as advertised, but they haven't covered what I find most interesting about these games. Are they LEGAL? False advertising is a dangerous game, Theorist, so why do these mobile games get away with it? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Matthew Sivyer
    Matthew Sivyer2 godzin temu

    ads: I found a clip of a other game lets use it to sell the Shiites game ever

  • Gabe Ponichter
    Gabe Ponichter3 godzin temu

    I Actually saw that add on this video

  • Ashlyn Parker
    Ashlyn Parker4 godzin temu

    8:50 that reminds me of the time I secretly used money on bowmasters to get this one character but my dad found out on his computer and refunded it but I still had the character. Btw this is my sister's acc

  • Ashlyn Parker
    Ashlyn Parker4 godzin temu

    0:17 that was 3 words not 1

  • Prebuiltroom901
    Prebuiltroom9015 godzin temu

    Aren’t some of your thumb nails clickbait

  • Patrick Wong
    Patrick Wong6 godzin temu

    I'm probably not the first grammar policeman here, but you misused the word persecuted. What you meant was prosecuted.

  • Rodi Doesburg
    Rodi Doesburg6 godzin temu

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  • Fwibard
    Fwibard8 godzin temu

    Honestly The only thing I bought was gacha studio characters.... Worth it

  • Mr.PizzaCole
    Mr.PizzaCole11 godzin temu

    Remember when there were actually good mobile games like pixel gun and lost within

  • AX_slushy
    AX_slushy11 godzin temu

    I stopped getting these after this video

  • moralesmar
    moralesmar12 godzin temu

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  • Grimmsnarl Ohlonge
    Grimmsnarl Ohlonge12 godzin temu

    I learned more about convergent evolution than ads

  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin12 godzin temu

    The boy on the thumbnail kinda looks like Lucas from Mother 3

  • Awes me
    Awes me17 godzin temu

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  • MightyRobot 3347
    MightyRobot 3347Dzień temu

    5:23 There's a ripoff version of Fallout Shelter

  • Charlan
    CharlanDzień temu

    Clash of clans is my favorite

  • Bhunivelze
    BhunivelzeDzień temu

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  • Talismqn
    TalismqnDzień temu

    Ok so I got a mobile game ad with the “mom vs dad” template and I watched the whole thing thinking it was part of the video

  • Tricky the funni clown
    Tricky the funni clownDzień temu

    I got a ad that was for a fake tinder app and it showed (but censored) girls having a big ole sloppy and think to myself how the hell do these get pass the guidelines like WTF

  • Xavion Hurd
    Xavion HurdDzień temu

    Me: true Mobile add on my screen: I can't go past pink color Me: WTF

    BONE DUSTDzień temu

    One thing that will never change on Mobile game Ads its always F#ck up cringe

  • Timothy Biltcliff
    Timothy BiltcliffDzień temu

    One time I was watching this and mobile game ad popped up

  • Polar Plays
    Polar PlaysDzień temu

    Fun Fact: they made the misleading games illegal last week

  • moon wolf 2012
    moon wolf 2012Dzień temu


  • ew
    ewDzień temu

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  • That One Guy
    That One GuyDzień temu

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  • Aditi Deshmukh
    Aditi DeshmukhDzień temu

    There was actually a time I could find good games through ads but now it’s just disguised match 3 ads and ones that keep saying swipe from left to right to play sample game! I really miss when ads used to have the sample game attached

  • Anything for No3one
    Anything for No3oneDzień temu

    The amount of ads ive seen of people with a magnet going through womens clothes, is absoloutely disgusting. Therea children on this app and youtube itself dosnt care:|

  • A Muis
    A MuisDzień temu

    i like cats

  • Franciszek Słowiak
    Franciszek SłowiakDzień temu

    You know what? Even ANGRY BIRDS (yes, that great mobile games giant from 2009) have ads like this. It's time to die

  • beambullseye
    beambullseyeDzień temu

    Misleading Info In This Video "Banished Is A Relaxing Game". Someone Didn't Play Through Winter, Or Natural Distasters.

  • Hummingbird Spark
    Hummingbird Spark2 dni temu

    I got a mobile game add on this video

  • Xyonne Rhein Alon
    Xyonne Rhein Alon2 dni temu

    Thank you matpat, DESTROY THEM PRETEND ITS OUR CHILDHOOD!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Vinnie Syarif
    Vinnie Syarif2 dni temu

    Not enough EPIC explosions

  • Bims
    Bims2 dni temu

    Where is the link to the epic app?

  • MTF Eplison 11
    MTF Eplison 112 dni temu


    SANDRA DIFOLCO2 dni temu

    I was playing a mobile game and it sponsored its own game I was playing

    IHATECYAN2 dni temu

    13:10 game theory? More lime ad theory -_-

  • Sebastian Grabczyk
    Sebastian Grabczyk2 dni temu

    I love super mario 3D world!

  • Deadnoob282
    Deadnoob2822 dni temu

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  • baritoneboy 456 h
    baritoneboy 456 h2 dni temu

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  • Lucy Hoffman
    Lucy Hoffman3 dni temu

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  • mssahara87
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  • mango mike
    mango mike3 dni temu

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  • Justin Sandovalvega
    Justin Sandovalvega3 dni temu

    I had a android and I fell for the your phone got a virus ps I was five

  • Tinka van der GAARDEN
    Tinka van der GAARDEN3 dni temu

    Ppl say pc players smart and mobile players dumber but that NOT true DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM I CAN BEAT UP LIKE 1-2 PC PLAYERS WHEN IM TRYHARD MODE ON IPAD (mostly bc i played ipad since i knew pc’s/phones/tablets existed that maybe 6 years back) and im absolutely garbage at pc

  • Flames0nix 011
    Flames0nix 0113 dni temu

    I love this channel ! Finally someone that talks about it

  • Minervas Katze
    Minervas Katze3 dni temu

    I've played a mobile game before i think it's name Pizza boy (I said think because ı can't remember and i can't found 😅) anyway.

  • Nikki Tressler
    Nikki Tressler3 dni temu

    “Epic” ad is WAY better the “I found a game for buddies” with the stupid voice effects

  • Andy Sowdal
    Andy Sowdal3 dni temu

    Bro I almost didn't click your video because I've been trained to gloss over that kind of artwork 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mai Là
    Mai Là3 dni temu

    Lv 1 : gangsters Lv 30 : bosses Lv 100 : misleading adds

  • Gigawatt
    Gigawatt4 dni temu

    I've seen an ad where a PLwhiter's own intro to her channel was used for the ad (not saying who the PLwhiter is) but yea that is stealing, but I'll just say she's a minecraft PLwhiter and here own intro was used for Minecraft mobile WHY?!

  • Daniela
    Daniela4 dni temu

    Great video as always Game Theory. After watching the video a wondered: Does app's or games like Solitaire Cube that claim you can earn money by simply playing or doing easy steps actually work? And if so, how?

  • Kaylee Hogness
    Kaylee Hogness4 dni temu

    I would honestly be more likely to get garden scapes and home scapes if they had told me what it was. Block breaking with building elements is one of my favorite things, but logic puzzles like the adds are my least favorite things to do.

  • x_.LiFe.TiMe._x
    x_.LiFe.TiMe._x4 dni temu

    Not me wasting probably more than 50 dollars on roblox by now

  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao4 dni temu

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  • Snapdragon
    Snapdragon4 dni temu

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  • nikki _sugardust
    nikki _sugardust4 dni temu

    Looks like I moved to UK now

  • james williams
    james williams4 dni temu

    yeah im from the uk and i still get they ads without the claim that all images do not match the game

  • CinderPlayz
    CinderPlayz4 dni temu

    Whoa, The Fact That This Episode Starts With Playrix's Gardenscapes, Out Of All Things Lol

  • Yoongi's Girlfriend
    Yoongi's Girlfriend4 dni temu


  • JC N
    JC N4 dni temu

    all these mobile games originate from app developers in china, where there is no regulation with this type of thing.

  • Tomi Kuma
    Tomi Kuma4 dni temu

    Games lose people's respect the moment the marketing team decides to make those shtty ads.

  • Cutie bumpkin
    Cutie bumpkin4 dni temu

    Comparing evolution to adds marketing is very dumb and made my brian hurt. When did mat became like this? That was so cringy

  • Evangeline Reyes
    Evangeline Reyes5 dni temu

    Ugh why do i always get this bad adds?

  • Grizzlybear2470
    Grizzlybear24705 dni temu

    Why is it that the actual good games you don’t get ads like Minecraft I still hate these mobile games

  • Geo
    Geo5 dni temu

    I saw millions of ads that shows that but it's nothing like he says.

  • Andy Walther
    Andy Walther5 dni temu

    Im watch this on mobile and just got on of those adds and my sister fell for it

  • Bogdan Bugarčić
    Bogdan Bugarčić5 dni temu

    bro 2021 ad be like: "OMG this game can make you rich 100% real", i know you are not talking about that but i just whana say it's like same thing like this tapes of videos

  • Choi Hay ting
    Choi Hay ting5 dni temu

    Matthew Patrick: the ads are not illegal since it's not serious matthew (me and yes my name is also Matthew): THEY STOLE PLwhite VIDEOS THAT'S COPYRIGHT

  • Noah Khayek
    Noah Khayek5 dni temu

    I have a feeling that everyone who disliked either are bad mobile game fanatics or the people who worked in the companies that make them

  • united kingdom
    united kingdom5 dni temu

    Thiise ads male me think of suicide

  • Maayke de Leur
    Maayke de Leur5 dni temu


  • Unknown 17
    Unknown 175 dni temu

    You know that some add are stealing other art too

  • Gabriel Braga
    Gabriel Braga5 dni temu

    I love this Channel.

    MARTITRON 3265 dni temu

    My mom plays the games and has reached level 3300 and says she gets them a lot

  • Master James
    Master James6 dni temu


  • H maddox
    H maddox6 dni temu

    Same concept as speeding or using illegal drugs there are just too many people to deal with for the cops to catch them all compared to murder or other violent crimes much less hold in jail

  • Alex Penguin
    Alex Penguin6 dni temu

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    an emotional vivi, most likely6 dni temu

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  • big mac

    big mac

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    Clark Kent6 dni temu

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  • Sprig Plantar
    Sprig Plantar6 dni temu

    *I litterally seen only one puzzle game ad that is good and doesn't lie about how they game is..* *It was hero rescue*

  • Maxifire 32
    Maxifire 326 dni temu

    i once saw a game ad that was stolen from a "only one block" challenge minecraft video on youtube, the game was just custom maps for minecraft poket edition

  • Old Lego animation channel
    Old Lego animation channel6 dni temu

    Did you know that “Rob Master 3D” has an ad about using a diamond tester on DaBaby’s “ice?”

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    -Sukicchi -6 dni temu

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    Jake x6 dni temu

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    Olivia TG6 dni temu

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    Karsten Gamer6 dni temu

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  • Karsten Gamer
    Karsten Gamer6 dni temu

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    LANCINE CONDE6 dni temu

    speaking of ads.the ad bots are sooooo STUPID

  • Ro
    Ro6 dni temu

    Do people not just uninstall it the moment they realise the games shitty and not even like the ad?

  • AlvTEC
    AlvTEC6 dni temu

    Oh boy I have seen these ads before I have saw one titled:AD ONS FOR MCPE AND THE LITERAL AD WAS A PERSON MAKING A NATHER PORTAL



    6 dni temu

    @AlvTEC XD so they werent even using an ad on

  • AlvTEC


    6 dni temu

    @N4MEL3SS W0LF even had the new nether biomes

  • AlvTEC


    6 dni temu

    @N4MEL3SS W0LF yes they were in vanilla



    6 dni temu

    ah yes, as if they aren't in the vanilla eidtion

  • Wut Cat
    Wut Cat6 dni temu

    My mom is on level 3658 on Gardenscapes but she has not gotten a single minigame

  • Viccinate
    Viccinate6 dni temu

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  • bhuvan raj
    bhuvan raj6 dni temu

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    Ruby Schuyler7 dni temu

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