Game Theory: KFC Just WON The Console Wars


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I know everyone is still freaking out about the PS5 and how hard it is to get. Well Theorists, I may have a solution for you! There is a new up and comer entering the console game and it may just be the one we've been waiting for! What is it? The KFC Console! Yes, our favorite fried chicken restaurant has announced a gaming console and I am EXCITED! Will this change the game or should they stick to chicken? Theorists, it is time to uncover the delicious truth about the KFC Console!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Raylan Snelling
    Raylan Snelling34 minut temu

    Bone apple teeth

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    Toad2 godzin temu

    I mean, you can make chicken inside of it

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    I will be angry if it doesn’t have pubg because I would want to win a winner winner chicken dinner

  • Kevin Sanchez
    Kevin Sanchez7 godzin temu

    (Xbox players be like) let's eat kfc

  • Elliott Jewell
    Elliott Jewell11 godzin temu

    what would happen if you used the kfconsole without chicken in it

  • Xd Mystic
    Xd Mystic15 godzin temu

    Just gonna say don’t buy the KFC console and I I have a very good reason for this how are they gonna deal with the overheating problem

  • _NobodyElse_
    _NobodyElse_18 godzin temu

    Game Theory: uploads PLwhite: yeah this is five nights at freddy's

  • Cool things with Cora
    Cool things with CoraDzień temu

    11:31 is that why chicken takes so long to heat up Like if u know what I mean

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    Veronica RDzień temu

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    Veronica RDzień temu

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    Big BDzień temu

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    Robert McMurrerDzień temu

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    End2 dni temu

    Imma put some nuggies in that

  • Itz Proxima
    Itz Proxima2 dni temu

    I can already cook chicken on my ps4 pro🥰🥰

  • Gaming Unlimited
    Gaming Unlimited2 dni temu

    "Anyone that doesn't want a stack of napkins next to their desk" Sigh* fine you win this one... Smh... Smh...

  • Kazukiyo Meyer
    Kazukiyo Meyer2 dni temu

    So you're telling me I get a all-in-one low-power oven and a gaming PC?

  • Wojtek Madej
    Wojtek Madej2 dni temu

    One thing's been bugging me for this whole video. Don't you have to have chicken in the chamber while gaming or else you overheat your system? Seems pretty inconvenitent to me to be honest.

  • Games and Stuff
    Games and Stuff2 dni temu

    Master Cooler

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    HKP3 dni temu

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    ComputerDefeated3 dni temu

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  • stardust productions
    stardust productions3 dni temu

    When he said my machtmakeig rank doesn’t lie I was like was that Henry wiat no hecker is that you

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    Jonathan Martin3 dni temu

    69% nice

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    Daily Dose Of Animating3 dni temu

    Why don't you just use a Fork to eat your Chicken?

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  • Gangsta toby

    Gangsta toby

    4 dni temu

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  • Dylan Bret
    Dylan Bret4 dni temu

    they couldves put the oven part higher up with a vent that opens or closes depensing on the amount of sitting heat that does get absorbed so it wouldnt overheat easily anyway.

  • Amdor
    Amdor4 dni temu

    One thing that might be a problem with heat sink made of chicken. Well - few. One - it is isolated with breadcrumbs. Two - chicken is not laying flat on the metal plate hence there is lot of air bellow and above it. And air is again - isolation for heat.

  • Liam Roberts
    Liam Roberts4 dni temu

    Colonel sanders is even cooler as a pro gamer. With his finger lickin good skills

  • xbloxprogamer 768
    xbloxprogamer 7685 dni temu

    Imagine if in the future McDonald's toys become like Xbox's,switch's,and playstations

  • Firefox
    Firefox5 dni temu

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  • Cataru Moore
    Cataru Moore5 dni temu

    KFC should totally sponsor you, considering that you literally made me want to buy the KFConsole.

  • Cataru Moore
    Cataru Moore5 dni temu

    Please, NEVER say "Performance Enhancing Finger Lubrication" ever again.

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  • Isabella Salas
    Isabella Salas5 dni temu

    I thought this was food theory guess not

  • Caleb McDonald
    Caleb McDonald5 dni temu

    But how would it vent without chicken in the cooker

  • Lawl Lawl
    Lawl Lawl5 dni temu

    Matpat should do a theroy pn rec room its got some pretty interesting lore and i havent figured it out

  • Critical Sweeper
    Critical Sweeper6 dni temu

    11:10 you can see the beginnings of cannibal week right here.

  • Mr cool Man124
    Mr cool Man1246 dni temu

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  • Chris C
    Chris C6 dni temu

    11:11 adjahfacnuec crossover forshadowing ajfmniiciejkandica hire me for the blue quadrent adjnitscitmnpewsmcser its conspiricy theory im calling it ajxzuznrtemshddtui

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  • Ryder Denney
    Ryder Denney6 dni temu

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  • Brady’s Gaming Adventures
    Brady’s Gaming Adventures6 dni temu

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    Cederick Lane7 dni temu

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    Cederick Lane7 dni temu

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    Gonk droid #09237 dni temu

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    KENTARO FRANKLIN9 dni temu

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    Luke Daniel Galon9 dni temu

    1963 font is just a SvT nostalgia it's odd tho i just known that this is a PC makes even more desirable to one day buy of one.

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    Carla Pillai10 dni temu

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    ronel rumbaoa10 dni temu

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  • arrowghost
    arrowghost10 dni temu

    4k 120fps, WHAT A LAUGH! Also, how are you going to clean that damn oven?!

  • ChillzoneTM
    ChillzoneTM10 dni temu

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  • Mr I speak through symbols
    Mr I speak through symbols11 dni temu

    Do you even own the KFC console?

  • MythicalBacon
    MythicalBacon11 dni temu

    Yeah but what if you just play games normally without any chicken? Will the console just fry itself?

  • Tammy Comer
    Tammy Comer11 dni temu

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  • Da Clone Boys
    Da Clone Boys11 dni temu

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    Michael Randol12 dni temu

    It’s like if they actually made the ez bake pc drive that I think was fake but not actually sure.

  • Mr.Preston 16
    Mr.Preston 1612 dni temu

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    It won against them all by a Should I say it? Should I say the word? Longshot

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  • CreeperLuke MineCraft
    CreeperLuke MineCraft14 dni temu

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  • 7 Year Old
    7 Year Old15 dni temu

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  • jaylikestosimp
    jaylikestosimp15 dni temu

    hey mat pat I love the video but the KFC chamber has to be having chicken in it a lot and it's not like we have infinite chicken so the kfconsole probably isn't a good idea

  • Not_Yarinari _
    Not_Yarinari _15 dni temu

    The KFConsole isn’t winning any war because it was forgotten the day after it released.

  • CHucKYChicKEn E
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  • l-l Your average Video game enjoyer l-l
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  • Trevor MacIntosh
    Trevor MacIntosh16 dni temu

    Ok. So you've shown that this cooling system would work. But what's this about the KFConsole winning the console wars? Just because it's good doesn't mean it's better than any other console.

  • elektriko the electric
    elektriko the electric16 dni temu

    What is this garbage oven, good i am not growing up with that (i am gen alpha)

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    Black Manta57417 dni temu

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    Hi Dare People’s17 dni temu

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    JEFF SAMPSON17 dni temu


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