Game Theory: Minecraft and The Power of The Dead


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I've covered some of Minecraft's dark secrets when it comes to souls. Today, we are diving even further into the mystery that is the Nether and what powers it. Theorists, has Minecraft learned to harness the power of the dead? It's time to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Valerie Ziegler
    Valerie Ziegler21 minuta temu

    Hey matpat I found a book that might help the creeper theory about them being Egyptian creations the book is called "Minecraft handbook guide" on page 44. If this help your welcome and your my favorite channel.

  • Velocity
    Velocity21 minuta temu

    Hey Matpat, I think it's interesting to point out that both endermen and wither skeletons have similar heights, as in they need at least 3 blocks high to stand. I think it supports your theory of them both being remnants of the ancient builders. Still, I always wondered why zombies had the exact same clothes as steve, and zombies and skeletons are shorter than endermen and wither skeletons so i guess maybe you're right that their the creations of the illagers?

  • Gremlin Soup
    Gremlin SoupGodzinę temu

    Don’t you love eating with yours ears


    Overworld = over Nether = under End = more over Also overworld =through

  • Minecraft the op Fhokes
    Minecraft the op Fhokes3 godzin temu

    1st harvest souls to make freinds 2nd 2 soul sand blocks 3rd PUMPKIN ON TOP

  • Minecraft the op Fhokes
    Minecraft the op Fhokes3 godzin temu

    6:30 lol

  • Minecraft the op Fhokes
    Minecraft the op Fhokes3 godzin temu

    Not really, We don’t know what is up there but it’s not possible to find out that quickly

  • Minecraft the op Fhokes
    Minecraft the op Fhokes3 godzin temu

    It is just a big cloud above the nether

  • Testing123
    Testing1234 godzin temu

    I miss the old intro.

  • xNight_441
    xNight_4416 godzin temu

    Make an episode about whos steve/ours parents and why we survived and not the prher people because it seem like the other humans left for a long time ago so it must have been or are other people because how else could we be born

  • bethany kowalski
    bethany kowalski11 godzin temu

    I have theroy why when u have pumpkin on your head and u look at a ender it wont attack u because is thinks your an iron golem.

  • SkeleToonz X
    SkeleToonz X12 godzin temu

    Ok so, because energy and mass can’t be created or destroyed, that doesn’t mean any energy is lost in the cycle. Just converted into alternate forms, but my guess is that other mobs in the nether can use this energy, thus contributing to the cycle. A lot of energy is lost in heat, but blazes and magma cubes both harness heat in their functions. My guess is that magma cubes absorb the heat to function and blazes absorb the energy into their rods to fly. I think ghasts may not just be ghosts, but rather a living being that just has similar properties. Ghasts randomly have the ability to spit fire, which is very different to what you would expect from a ghost. This means ghasts are capable of withstanding fire in their body, and likely absorb and/or eat it too. If you factor this in, the entire system is completely sealed and self functioning.

  • Yuri Mei
    Yuri Mei12 godzin temu

    I am obsessed with this Minecraft series. AHHHHHHHH I KEEP REWATCHING THIS SERIES!!! HELP

  • Surge Seraphim
    Surge Seraphim13 godzin temu

    Hey, MatPat, I got a suggestion for ya, another game where the lore has yet to be fully completed, just like Minecraft. The Binding of Isaac. With the latest dlc, we got more info, but every video claiming to have the full story always seems to be missing something, usually the b-side or tainted characters

  • Tiffany Straley
    Tiffany Straley14 godzin temu

    3:26 And then a Hypercarnivore like a Polar Bear eats the Fox

  • Nightly_Lightly Green
    Nightly_Lightly Green15 godzin temu

    At the end, I thought you would make a smooth transition from the nether and its energy to their music discs (of how pigstep may have been created more specifically) 😂😅

    RONNIE TAN15 godzin temu

    Nether us kinda looking like the hell

  • Business Squid
    Business Squid16 godzin temu

    lol the animation

  • bf Fnf
    bf Fnf16 godzin temu

    Hey, you. yeah you the person thats looking at this Rn. Sscribe to matpat for him to make a Friday night funkin Theory. NOW.

  • The Devil
    The Devil17 godzin temu

    mojang: i fear no man but that channel it scar's me

  • catcrusaderwithinternet
    catcrusaderwithinternet17 godzin temu

    Mat pat look at Minecraft story mode you will ser

  • No Pseudo
    No Pseudo17 godzin temu

    That's a good theory homever there one thing wrong if the nether is working in soul power then why soul valley are so inhabited ? Why if the piglin eat meat wich eat on soul fungi why are they afraid of soul Light ? And as you said the nether would see all of is exploitable energy turn to heat but how is it cooling down ? The answer is simple the crimson forest is not powered by soul (or at least not directly) but by heat ! In irl some micro organism use thermoplast to create glucose with CO2 O2 and water. The crimson forest do the same ! Heat is produced by soul fire and netherrack fire wich then power the crimson forest ! The only forest in the nether using directly soul is the warped forest ! It was not transformed with river water but with soul in the same goal:protect the builders from the nether and that's why no piglin go there ! And it also explain why is it blue ! Because it really is powered by soul ! The nether is build to harvest soul and heat as we can see by the creature like ghast and blaze ! But that's just a theory ! My theory !

  • No Pseudo

    No Pseudo

    17 godzin temu

    Ah and sorry for the english error i'm not english soo.... Yeah it must be filled with error 😅

  • Mattensen
    Mattensen18 godzin temu

    Whats your reddit?

  • Frederik Skovgaard
    Frederik Skovgaard20 godzin temu

    Dude have you ever thought about making a theory on the zombie giants of minecraft?

  • RB Prod
    RB Prod20 godzin temu

    Just received my 10th anniversary hoodie today , I love it

  • zarah fadri
    zarah fadri21 godzinę temu

    The nether is the core but when you are creative and you go under the bedrock its nothing but The void it doesnt show you its the nether or its so far away from the void that it breaks the barrier that is in the void then you die beacase under the barrier its hell and you cant see the bedrock there!

  • Neil Robbins
    Neil Robbins23 godzin temu

    yo matpat. the second law of thermo dynamics says that energy can neither be created or destroyed IN A CLOSED SYSTEM. I just solved your theory in less than 5 min moron. nah jp I love all your channels. but fr tho you were a little off on this one.

  • jj playz
    jj playzDzień temu

    Can you do a video on enchantment books or the enchantment table

  • Malinm
    MalinmDzień temu

    I wonder why blue fire is a thing when you light fire on soul sand

  • TheRavensFury :3
    TheRavensFury :3Dzień temu

    Buddy... There is such thing as geothermal energy and chemosynthisis... So close....

  • Lathyn Ashley
    Lathyn AshleyDzień temu

    The crying obsidian is crying obsidian juice

  • Lathyn Ashley
    Lathyn AshleyDzień temu

    Matpat can take a look at crying obsidian I think that there are faces in it

  • Samen Ran
    Samen RanDzień temu

    😭😭😭 why won't you listen to me 😠😡

  • Samen Ran
    Samen RanDzień temu

    Your wroooooooooooooog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anse
    AnseDzień temu

    I feel like when he says that’s just a theory it’s not really a theory.

  • Samen Ran
    Samen RanDzień temu

    Your wrong go to the wither vids comet

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuyDzień temu

    wouldnt the lava be a easier energy source ? i mean isnt it essentialy a "light" version of the sun anyways ?even though souls as energy source sounds way more epic xD

  • Ethan White
    Ethan WhiteDzień temu

    8 minutes plants 3 minutes talking about theory 2 minutes sponsor

  • NecrochildK
    NecrochildKDzień temu

    The calorie ratio for beef as an argument in favor of veganism is a largely skewed statistic that ignores the fact that more than 90% of a cow’s diet is plant biproducts that are inedible for humans and would be vastly wasted otherwise.

  • Enter a Name
    Enter a NameDzień temu

    Very long ago in flat worlds, their were big brick pyramids. What where they all about??????

    REDACTED SPADEDzień temu

    I understood every single thing he said, I definitely did

  • JasonBurke 1 and only
    JasonBurke 1 and onlyDzień temu

    That tuck somutch more then a hour

  • blahthebiste
    blahthebisteDzień temu

    Awful video. Does not cover heat energy from lava, does not explain how a few adventurers are providing millions of souls (especially given that no portals exist in the Nether when you first arrive there), does not explain HOW souls are converted into life energy, what soul sand is, who warped the forests, or even how any of the Nether mobs actually fit into this ecological web.

  • Bianca_jg10.06 95
    Bianca_jg10.06 95Dzień temu

    Wait a minute are all the villagers females or males? 🤔

  • cowcannon
    cowcannonDzień temu

    chemosynthesis: exists matpat: *SOULS*

  • Nicholas Hinckley
    Nicholas HinckleyDzień temu

    Why the random X over the MineCraft map?

  • Xteenager Gil
    Xteenager GilDzień temu

    I have a theory that when we join the game we are one of those lost people and that's why we randomly spawn in random areas and not in places such as villages or even see our mother and every time when its multiplayer its actually another lost traveler that we found that can either help us or kill us... and I say this because as seen in mat Pats videos it shows some lost people that either went into the nether or end and if heard on one c418 - 13 and 11 it has some disturbing music and 1 even makes you hear a person running and they might have been lost... like us

  • Wallo-Dallo
    Wallo-DalloDzień temu

    This was posted on my birthday!

  • Eli Lublin
    Eli LublinDzień temu

    I thought everyone knew that the nether is a separate dimension?

  • Reindeer Flotilla
    Reindeer FlotillaDzień temu

    Fun fact: On bedrock, strays (snow skeletons) drop wither skulls when blown up by a charged creeper.

  • Ferencz Dávid Marcell
    Ferencz Dávid MarcellDzień temu

    I think you missed out something. When you first ride a strider then the achivement what you get is something like: It's a walking boat. But, you have to ride them with a saddle and a fishingrod with nether mushroom on it, It's almost the same as rideing a pig except that It's with carrot fishing rod. And don't forget that striders came in with the nether update so they are probably aren't naturally there, what if the same "people" who made those forests also made a new species with combining pigs and nether mushrooms. Like so he sees it.

  • *-IceCreamSunday-*
    *-IceCreamSunday-*Dzień temu


  • Glitch12 a
    Glitch12 aDzień temu


  • goofy gamer
    goofy gamerDzień temu

    Bro at least complete the the cliff book

  • kasra Shabahang
    kasra ShabahangDzień temu

    but how soul to energy ??

    TROPIC MAMGODzień temu

    Protein burns quite a bit of calories just to digest

  • Zinly Games
    Zinly GamesDzień temu

    Matt i think your not getting the thing here,you see the nether=underworld and underworld=Hell and sinned people go to hell meaning DEAD people go to hell and there is the power souls for "HELL" and the nether portal is telling you to go to the nether and telling you to go and die in hell thats why so much people die in the nether because its telling you to go to hell meaning its just your mind who's adventuring the "overworld" for there you died in hell and the end when i think of the end its heaven and for those who did not beat minecraft and got stuck in the nether died in there and for those who beat minecraft went to heaven.

  • Domia Abr Wyrda
    Domia Abr WyrdaDzień temu

    Excuse me? Wouldn't the most obvious conclusion be the Nether's Geothermal E? Everywhere there's lava, after all.

  • Vwvsbros
    VwvsbrosDzień temu

    Hey can you do a theory on dragon city

  • Seth Beard
    Seth BeardDzień temu

    How does Steve even appear is my main question. Is it a successful experiment? Time travel? Just a quirk of recessive genes in villagers?

  • nicholas ling
    nicholas lingDzień temu

    every soulsand contains alot of souls thats why soulsand has the nime and thats how soul sand valleys are made

  • Kevin C
    Kevin CDzień temu

    Couldnt it get energy from all the fire and lava?

  • Mary Christmas
    Mary ChristmasDzień temu

    Wait, but how was the nether terraformed/warped to create the forests if you cannot have water in the nether????

  • Mistie Babin
    Mistie BabinDzień temu

    @Matpat explain how if the ancient race got to the end and it’s a one way ticket then how is the end stone we only see from the end on the texture for the end portal block. Don’t you think it kinda debunks your reallly coool theory

  • Nooby Noobster
    Nooby NoobsterDzień temu

    I think you should do another theory on soul sand, but on how the fire is blue My theory is just souls are being burnt to create the blue flame.

  • Artese Gatlin
    Artese Gatlin2 dni temu

    I want to know is it possible to wear and walk around in a glass slipper @filmtheory

  • LEGO Verse
    LEGO Verse2 dni temu

    I was just using Soul Speed, and the subtitles said “soul escapes”! I just thought you might want to know that for the future

  • Charlotte Chapin
    Charlotte Chapin2 dni temu

    I just want to point out the portal probably sends sunlight into the nether.

  • Gema Gamble
    Gema Gamble2 dni temu

    Me 6 min through: How's dis supposed to do with- ohhh yey souls!

  • will york
    will york2 dni temu

    ok well, i thought we as the player were the last builders in the world? who else would be going into the nether to replenish its system? i think it is gonna die off, unless villagers somehow learn how to reactivates the stagnant , broken portals that still lie everywhere

  • BalikoBoy
    BalikoBoy2 dni temu

    Just wanted to point out what may be a mistake, but you said that the portal must have started from the overworld due to water not being able to be placed in the nether, then give the origin of the warped forests as water being poured onto land then drained.

  • Gabriella Paradiso - Aguiar
    Gabriella Paradiso - Aguiar2 dni temu

    I don’t think the trees are fungi cuz when u chop it it becomes logs and u can make wood

  • Cool things with Cora
    Cool things with Cora2 dni temu

    So you already ruined my perception on minecraft but how bout Slime Rancher there is already a story in the game that I found intriguing but I don’t have the pieces to put it together I think it would theory worthy and will take I brighter turn to the channel

  • Omni 8
    Omni 82 dni temu

    Wait unrelated to the video but what if your playing as Alex and not Steve. does that mean that Steve is dead? does that mean that Alex is dead when you play as Steve? What if you have four people playing? What if your friend joins your server?

  • xNight_441
    xNight_4412 dni temu

    I wanna know how gasts and striders came to the nether piglins could come from normal pigs from the overworld that evolved there and whiter skeletons are dead burned humans

  • Ads_Ilikegames PS4
    Ads_Ilikegames PS42 dni temu

    Matpat, I have a theory that would suit well You know how the Warden has souls in his stomache or something? And you know Music Disc 11 and 13? WHAT IF..THE LOST JOURNALISTS IN THE MINES INCLUDING NICHOLAS WERE KILLED BY THE WARDEN, THEN TRAPPED IN HIS STOMACHE, WHICH WHEN YOU KILL IT RELEASES THE SOULS AND NICHOLAS

  • Teddify
    Teddify2 dni temu


  • Adalwolf
    Adalwolf2 dni temu

    Magma Energy is people

  • DISTurbedwaffle918
    DISTurbedwaffle9182 dni temu

    I figured the Nether was just like the Warp in Warhammer, a sort of parallel immaterial plane to the Overworld.

  • ThatLastBear
    ThatLastBear2 dni temu

    Hey MatPat, I have an extra thing to note about soul sand, i have been playing in my surival world like a normal day just doing my soul sand farm and i misplaced a block, then broke it, and i heard what soundes like the faint sound of a wither. I hope you can see this comment in a future video.

  • TheRleavitt
    TheRleavitt2 dni temu

    Hi matpat just so you know I like your vidoe's and think you do a great job but this one doesn't really work for me for one thing you said that the entire nether is run on us as the player dying just because there is no sun doesn't mean you can't get energy elsewhere what about lava doesn't lava emmit heat and light so that would also explain the low light and the immense heat so why can't lava be the source? Just saying your still a great PLwhiter.

  • Harry Potter Edits
    Harry Potter Edits2 dni temu

    Me laughing 😅 for saging Netherlands 🇳🇱 because its true its depressed the weather

  • Tiger stark
    Tiger stark2 dni temu

    Hey matpat here's a dumb question if the ancient builder civilization are endermen where the they get enderpearls required to make the end portal ?

  • Minty Mongoose
    Minty Mongoose2 dni temu

    What if when you die in minecraft you don’t actually die all you do is wake up back in your bed so maybe it was just a nightmare

  • Rift
    Rift2 dni temu

    Can we have a theory on ancient debris?

  • james_graalera-
    james_graalera-2 dni temu

    That's from pvz 2 7:00 :0

    MEMENISM2 dni temu

    Can someone reach out to Mat Pat and convince him to make a terraria theory series just like the Minecraft one?

  • Amal Sp
    Amal Sp2 dni temu

    How is there oxygen in the nether

  • becky piscitello
    becky piscitello2 dni temu

    You should do a explaining herobrine or iron golem.

  • Imagined Order
    Imagined Order2 dni temu

    I’m still working on an actual real life nether portal things keep catching fire and exploding also some weird white floating things keep comeing out of it

  • Cobra12345ist
    Cobra12345ist2 dni temu


  • Cobra12345ist
    Cobra12345ist2 dni temu

    pls make a piglin theory!! i wonder where that bastions come from..

  • abbad epic gamer
    abbad epic gamer2 dni temu

    HARDIK MOREKAR2 dni temu

    Matt a fnaf theory ..... if you check the thumbnail of security breach it has the two white lines....just like crying child... so can u confirm that the name of crying child is Gregory....and I suppose that this multiplex might be new but it is referring to the bite of it is in the 80s.....

  • mohamed amira
    mohamed amira2 dni temu

    I have a question how did they find out about the nether and how did they find a way there

  • Charlie Beaven
    Charlie Beaven2 dni temu

    Matpat did you know you used to spawn in a mossy cobble house in older updates of Minecraft and today they are used for mob spawners maybe that hints to heritage??

  • nathan tierney
    nathan tierney2 dni temu

    matpat sould look for a secrut law in a game could "a hat in time"

  • Shubham Music Entertainment
    Shubham Music Entertainment2 dni temu

    People who are watching this comment I wish there parent's still alive for more than 💯 years god bless U &UR family 🙏🙏🙏

    EVELYN YEE YU TONG Moe2 dni temu

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  • Supernova Spirit
    Supernova Spirit3 dni temu

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