Game Theory: Minecraft, The Secret Desert Origin of Creepers


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Creepers are arguably the most well known Minecraft monster. Yet, despite all we may THINK we know about them, there are still many mysteries yet to be answered. Today Theorists, I aim to answer the BIGGEST question on Creeper lore. Where do they come from? Well, it is no where you would expect! You will have to watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Bhavesh BK
    Bhavesh BK2 miesięcy temu

    i want mojang to watch all ur videos and confirm it. Then i can die peacfully.

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    The creator name is notch

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    @Bhavesh BK same lol

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    @Caleb Murray lmfao

  • Lightning Gaming

    Lightning Gaming

    13 dni temu

    If I was matpats father I would be proud

  • Eldon Mitchell
    Eldon Mitchell4 godzin temu

    anyone else hear that voice crack

  • Sandra Ruvalcaba
    Sandra Ruvalcaba5 godzin temu

    Hey Mat I was watching one of your previous Minecraft theories you said the wither can't break end frames and the end portal isn't full with eyes of ender but everything is together but the end portal well the eyes of ender is it possible the wither destroyed the stronghold but the warden repaired it but he couldn't find any eyes of ender he repaired everything and saw that the ancient builders didn't come back and so left and maybe the reason he attacks you is because it believes you are the wither and attacks you. more Warden Lore? (disclaimer this is my mom's account the one i have is a school account)

  • Raja Mohamed Ahmed
    Raja Mohamed Ahmed11 godzin temu

    fun fact this is the only theory video on youtube kids

  • Wolfy is Bored
    Wolfy is Bored16 godzin temu

    Matt: *decides to edit in the desert temple* The desert temple behind the edited one: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Salandra Wolfe
    Salandra Wolfe21 godzinę temu

    I didn’t see this anywhere in the comments, so here’s my theory: It’s possible the desert people built the creepers as like a prototype Iron Golem: something that would protect them from danger. But the creeper turned hostile, so they started looking for something to repel them, because they did so much damage when they exploded. They discovered that creepers (for whatever reason) are afraid of cats, so they started keeping them around and worshiping them to keep the creepers away. As in your last theories you suggested the villagers/illagers are descendants of this culture, it would explain why cats spawn in villages, because the villagers kept them when they separated from the builders. Then illagers just cargo cult their ancestors because they don’t know any better. I feel like this is more feasible than a creeper wanting to protect a cat, lol.

  • Team Mystic TV
    Team Mystic TVDzień temu

    Am I a nerd to have foreknowledge of those Egyptian symbols in the intro?

  • Rafaela Vera Lugo
    Rafaela Vera LugoDzień temu

    You forgot to say that iron golems attack all hostile or neutral monsters except for creepers

  • Christer Käll
    Christer KällDzień temu

    5:01 same here matpat

  • xNight_441
    xNight_441Dzień temu

    So creepers are like mumis?

  • Roblox Wood
    Roblox Wood2 dni temu

    Maybe the strings are the cloth that covered the corpses

  • Jessica Bickerstaff
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  • Kuli Does Things
    Kuli Does Things2 dni temu

    What if Creepers were made to guard to temples, and they made them green sticks so that they blend in with cactus?

  • Tea das Faultier
    Tea das Faultier2 dni temu

    Experimenting with life -> cats have 9 LIVES -> WORSHIP (Cat-Gods?) -> Be like god -> Have more lives -> Illager experiments (Totems)

  • EpicEres
    EpicEres2 dni temu

    every so often I come here to ask for please, a game theory on the zombie lore behind Call of Duty Black Ops. I can't be the only one looking for some one to sow that up. :)

  • The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy
    The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy3 dni temu

    I thought the creepers didn't like the fact that cats hiss too

  • Jungle The rainwing
    Jungle The rainwing4 dni temu

    Here is my theory: After the ancient builders created the wither they tried to create a being strong enough to defeat the wither. I think that the minecraft protagonist is the final creation of the builders before they were destroyed by the wither and the wither was destroyed in a climatic final battle thousands of years ago with the protagonist which is why there is no wither just floating around minecraft and the ancient builders gave the protagonist multiple souls to keep it alive indefinitely and as of the game starting the minecraft protagonist wakes up from a coma. That is why the minecraft character can respawn and it is also why the minecraft character knows how to craft all the items in minecraft. Have you ever noticed that? The minecraft protagonist instantly knows just as much about crafting as you and more due to it instantly giving you the recipe to any craftable item just by picking it up. It also explains why you cannot craft certain items like the end portal due to the ancient builders being careful not to let it follow them into the end in case it went evil. I got the idea for this theory from Benjamin b's comment Please spice up this theory to make it better because I am not as practiced as you but I think it is correct.

  • Jungle The rainwing
    Jungle The rainwing4 dni temu

    14:10 Not to mention that the totem of the undying kinda looks like an Ankh.

  • Yudron Micros
    Yudron Micros4 dni temu

    i want to see what MatPat would come up with, if Mojang would ever make Enderman-villagers.

  • Boaz Lee
    Boaz Lee4 dni temu

    7:26 Au contraire mon frère. You mentioned the Mobestiary’s cross-section of the anatomy of a creeper and the TNT to say that they’re artificial creations. Well if that’s the case how do you explain that it has a heart, a skull, or heck even bones the first place? You claimed that the bones and rotten flesh in desert temple chests are remains of ancient mummies, so they couldn’t be used to explain how Creepers have bones either. Say Creepers were on of the ancient builders earliest experiments with life. After initially creating them, considering the threat that they would pose the humans in general being a literal ticking time bomb. What would the motivation be to continually create even more of them? 7:47 now that you mention it, if even an ancient adventurer from the ancient race of builders wasn’t sure as to the origina and motives of the Creeper. What does this say about the idea and concept of Creepers having been created by desert dwelling civilization of ancient builders? These were just some inconsistencies and holes I found in this video and overall theory.

  • Nightwing Leader
    Nightwing Leader4 dni temu

    I Think The Creepers May Be Cactus. You Do Make A Good Point That It Once Had Water But How Did The Cactus Get In The Desert? Did They Bring Cactus To The Desert? But There Where Did They Find Cactus? Did The Plants Evolve In To Cactus, Most Likely Yes

  • Spark Knight Klee
    Spark Knight Klee4 dni temu

    Wait a minute... If you kill an Enderman, does that mean you kill one of the Ancient Builders?

  • Cataline Bernard Canete
    Cataline Bernard Canete4 dni temu

    If a Creeper is scared of cats, then why do cats drop string and also do spiders? In Real Life Cats were one of the first animals to be discovered but why in minecraft we can never see a portrait of a cat in the desert temple, my theory is the ancient builders also made the Cats. If the origin of the builders made the cats, then is the cats spiders? Spiders attack the player but the Cats do not. Maybe the builders found a way to alter spiders with a potion the was used twice, the reason why the potions were only 2 is because they can reproduce. And if it is possibly the actual lore of minecraft i say thank you. Before you can stop reading MatPat can you pls make another theory about minecraft.

  • olivineskies
    olivineskies4 dni temu

    i worship jellie as well

  • Eternal Gaming
    Eternal Gaming5 dni temu

    This dude always has such good theories it sounds so believable

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man5 dni temu

    What if the Ancient Beings were at war with each other, explaining the pirate ships similar to real world when Britain and France hired pirates to steal from each other, and also created Creepers as a way to wage war on the other side/villages? Then since they worshipped cats they used that as a defense mechanism against them. It makes no sense as to why Creepers aren't like Pigmen (only attacking when attacked) instead they're programmed to attack humans, so it makes sense they were created as a weapon. Somehow the other sides determined it and began to use cats as protection

  • Owen G
    Owen G5 dni temu

    hey matpat i think that the villagers made the creepers here are my reasons 1 creepers do not attack villagers 2 villages allways have cats

  • S. P. Krishna
    S. P. Krishna5 dni temu

    Mojang and Notch will be screaming at u cause yo unlocking theories... Thanks

  • This Heart
    This Heart5 dni temu

    What if the creeper came from the water and can’t not go back home because they are covered in moss. The moss keeps them afloat. And maybe they self destruct near players because they are able to live in their homes. Also, doesn’t the creepers skin have more variety of colors than any normal mob that usually have two plain colors. Maybe the creeper has been in contact with ( I think at one point in his videos he said creepervine) creepervines, that the creepers skin has become bleached.

  • This Heart

    This Heart

    5 dni temu

    What if the creepers are scared of cats because they seen the cats in the water eating fish?

  • mark123
    mark1235 dni temu

    Hahahaha I see the ankh symbol in the totem of undying

  • Nightmare fuel
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  • MasterHeap
    MasterHeap6 dni temu

    Can't wait for Mojang to release the new Minecraft Lore book that just compiles all of MatPat's videos into a book. Also, hilarious thought here. The new dimension comes out and its the Aether. All the lore points to their being a being of higher power that once existed in the world....and it all points to MatPat

  • Colt
    Colt6 dni temu

    11:58 ancient sogga

  • Tiffany Andrade
    Tiffany Andrade6 dni temu

    2:13 My neon green vans Matthew

  • I like game
    I like game6 dni temu

    That watch looks like the Omnitrix from Ben 10

  • AzTech Games
    AzTech Games6 dni temu

    "Scared of hurting cats..." Tell that to the creeper that blew me up along with my 2 cats.

  • will york
    will york6 dni temu

    one thing ive noticed about villages recently, is that many drier climate villages have SO MANY cats. im willing to bet theyre used to drive away stray creepers

  • PeshoTheKaiser
    PeshoTheKaiser6 dni temu

    ur sos sussy i know you took my fortnite card

  • Evangeline Gonzales
    Evangeline Gonzales6 dni temu

    I have an Ankh Necklace attachment

  • Legiunea Memarilor
    Legiunea Memarilor6 dni temu

    Fun fact: the second symbol from the intro is actually satanic

  • Filip Dujkovic
    Filip Dujkovic6 dni temu

    My expansion to Benjamin b's theory from the comment section. My theory is that the ancient builders had made the Totems Of Undying and used them in battle. When they saw that there's less and less of them and the wither was taking their buildings down, they decided to create something which could fight back. They recreated their own bodies through technology, and implanted it with a Totem Of Undying instead of a heart, which is why we never see Steve bleed. he picks up *green or yellow* (same color as the explosion of the totem of undying) experience orbs, maybe as a substitute for blood. The enchanting table requires a sacrifice, a blood sacrifice, Steve having no blood decided to try and give up his Experience, and it worked. They also implanted something in its brain. A Sentience Control switch. The final Builder, Notch, decided to activate the player, and try to bring back his race. Which is why we don't remember anything prior. The builders tried to create an army, but all except Steve and a female creation Alex failed. They stored their totems and blueprints in a chest, which the Illigers discovered years later, and tried to recreate it.

  • Justin Yu
    Justin Yu6 dni temu

    It is also possible that creepers are scared of cats because like you said sand, gunpowder and string have the same frequency and cays love to play with string (creepers have gunpowder in them) P.S The way cats play with string is kinda aggressive

  • LightblueStar27
    LightblueStar277 dni temu

    idk why i thought the cats dropped string because it was like their hair or something

  • meme
    meme7 dni temu

    bruh, you are thinking too much, this is just the best game in the world, not a forgotten world

  • Mouse Pat
    Mouse Pat7 dni temu

    No one gonna talk about the creeper faces carved into the sandstone at the temples?

    KRIZCOP7 dni temu

    I thought the string was like, linen to mummify the corpses with but ok.

  • Nakul Chauhan
    Nakul Chauhan7 dni temu

    A fun fact for you, in Hindi 'Ankh' means 'eye'

  • Biology and Science Reviews
    Biology and Science Reviews8 dni temu

    Why didn't you tell them to write them all down?

  • Biology and Science Reviews
    Biology and Science Reviews8 dni temu

    17:05: It's funny to hear MatPat saying his own name. I don't know WHY it's funny; it just is

  • Genesis25
    Genesis258 dni temu

    But why is the creeper hostile to the player if it was made by "ancient civilization"?

  • Biology and Science Reviews
    Biology and Science Reviews8 dni temu

    0:29 When it WHAT

  • The Gamer Nerd
    The Gamer Nerd8 dni temu

    How would they make the tnt to put inside the creeper if they need gunpowder which is only dropped by creepers?

  • UraniumPuppy 4000
    UraniumPuppy 40008 dni temu

    1:30 ah, yes. my favorite drink. knowledge.

  • hiyofoid23
    hiyofoid238 dni temu

    literally a desert temple behind the desert temple 3:53 (idk how to do that link thing)

  • hiyofoid23


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  • the sparkle girl
    the sparkle girl8 dni temu

    fyi, notch acally tweeted that creepers are made of leaves.

  • Random guy
    Random guy8 dni temu

    it even could be, then the pillagers ARE the ancient builders

  • Pancake the dog
    Pancake the dog9 dni temu

    Fun fact: Creepers are actually a mistake, they were accidentally made when a coding mistake was made for making pigs.

  • gamila youssef
    gamila youssef9 dni temu

    im learning more about my home country or state

  • RedHacker
    RedHacker9 dni temu

    Why dont you make a Friday Night Funkin' episode

  • Corpzia Cat
    Corpzia Cat9 dni temu

    The string could just represent the wrapping around the mummies

  • IcyEnderKing
    IcyEnderKing9 dni temu

    I just want to add: The reason there are so many Creepers is that TNT is made out of Gunpower and sand Where is the best place to find boatloads of sand? Deserts. Could be something there but I just thought it was neat

  • Lickow3
    Lickow39 dni temu

    Creepers probably know that they are expoading so they dont want to get near the cat and i think because tnt is connected to their hearts they are exploading when they get a excited like they propably never seen a man after people disapierd in end so they are excited to see a man and they are excited to see a cat cuz they like them so that could posibly mean that totem of undying in contact with people makes crepers or some kind of it because they are acting same as aciant people

  • Malak Ahmed
    Malak Ahmed9 dni temu

    wait when u showed us the picture of a inside of a creeper it had a heart it had a skeleton so its a living thing no way the builders where that smart

  • LordPorkston LeaderofBaconNation
    LordPorkston LeaderofBaconNation10 dni temu

    "and here we have the ankh representing life" Me thinking it was a yugioh reference

  • Hi People
    Hi People10 dni temu

    My Ela teacher had us watch one of your videos in class today and to say I was super happy is an understatement.

  • RosyKitteh
    RosyKitteh10 dni temu

    Cats drop string? Since when?! Didn't think that Game Theory would be teaching a self-proclaimed Minecraft pro like me new things about Minecraft

  • Phoenix Cervantes
    Phoenix Cervantes10 dni temu

    HISStory is happening -MatPat

  • JJ Chaos
    JJ Chaos10 dni temu

    So, the Illagers are the Hermeticists to the Builder's ancient Egyptian mystics?

  • Matthew Scott
    Matthew Scott10 dni temu

    What time is it? Time for you to get a game theory watch! *I fixed your mercy plug*

  • Melina The Cat
    Melina The Cat10 dni temu

    A Creeper Looks Like a cactus. It can "hide" in a desert

  • Anonymous Art
    Anonymous Art10 dni temu

    I have a wacky theory about there being multiple clans of builders. I look at it this way: The builders made Creepers. Why are they attacking Steve, a possible descendant of the creators? Here’s what I came up with: Two clans were in bad terms. One clan made the Creepers to be used as soldiers to fight for the desert clan.

  • KelvinOfTheShen
    KelvinOfTheShen10 dni temu

    Bruh, TnT is literally made from sand and gunpowder. That's enough evidence for me.

  • Peace & War
    Peace & War10 dni temu

    OH! This also explains why iron golems don't attack creepers

  • Talia09
    Talia0910 dni temu


  • Elex Gochnour
    Elex Gochnour11 dni temu

    also cats protect you from phantoms would that correspond some how with them actually in minecraft protecting the ancient civilization and why they would worship them?

  • Tin Nguyen
    Tin Nguyen11 dni temu

    Creepers may just have alurophobia Fear of cats and forgive me if I spelled it wrong

  • SuperSpartan579
    SuperSpartan57911 dni temu

    I was really hoping you would cover the skull found in deserts and swamps that looked like creepers in this, but it’s still a great video

  • Sebastian Fortuna
    Sebastian Fortuna11 dni temu

    I was playing plants VS zombies while watching this and then I see a zombie from PVZ

  • DevNandan Nair
    DevNandan Nair11 dni temu

    2:35, oh now I know why his wife was there

  • The Grand Crosser
    The Grand Crosser11 dni temu

    Matpat: Trying to give lore to totems of undying. 2b2t: Duping totems to give them an edge in combat using ancient crystals as bombs to allow them to blow eachother up.

  • MrSourBean
    MrSourBean11 dni temu

    My theory: Bed=Endless life This applies in real life too :)

  • InvalidMember
    InvalidMember11 dni temu

    Mat, u good?

  • Jswelly
    Jswelly11 dni temu

    wasn't the creeper a bug that Mojang decided not to fix? or maybe they kept it in for the lore?

  • EvokerKing79
    EvokerKing7911 dni temu

    "A GAME THEORY" -quote from a person who has the mind of a genius

  • Delaney McCabe
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    Me who already ordered almost everything in the store :)

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  • Euan Kim
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  • Gamer X 2,000,000
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    How many of those people in the intro were stock images XD lmao!

  • Skeleton Sketches
    Skeleton Sketches12 dni temu

    It might be a coincidence, but the shape of the Totem Of the Undying mimics the shape of the Ahnk! Interesting thing that I noticed :]

  • Wren Studio
    Wren Studio12 dni temu

    Oh ohh no Not this summer this summer you’re going to be really important slowly going insane because of how much amazing stuff is in it but you just can’t get it you just can’t use it you just can’t do anything you must sit there you must wait and he must’ve slowly from saying waiting for it to come out well that’s just me I want the update to come out but it never will

  • Murder Pants 2.0
    Murder Pants 2.012 dni temu

    Creepers are distant cousins of either the pig or cactus

  • JanAK
    JanAK12 dni temu

    Also on the topic of the ancient Egyptians the string very well could be like bandages on mummies, since Minecraft doesn’t have bandages, they take wool and turn it to string to help mummify the bodies. Just a mini theory 🙃

  • john
    john12 dni temu

    The creeper may get it’s energy from the sun as it’s green color could absorb solar rays and power it.

  • Thunder Go
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  • bUgz.l1fe
    bUgz.l1fe12 dni temu

    another thing that i’ve noticed is that dessert temples have four chests. Egyptian‘s were known for storing organs in four separate containers after death.

  • d0wn gr0und
    d0wn gr0und12 dni temu

    The funny thing is that i actually went to that temple

  • angelo musitano
    angelo musitano12 dni temu

    The string could have just come from cobwebs formed over time.

    RYZA'S PLACE12 dni temu

    Ever notice that both the robot fish and the Shulker in Minecraft have monobrows kinda like the villagers

  • Kamil Jastrzębski
    Kamil Jastrzębski12 dni temu

    3:32 mineshaft spawns always under the village strongholds made endermans, desertt tempels spawns near village.