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10 YEARS of Game Theory! Wow, how fast time flew by to get us to this milestone. Theorists, I want to invite you into the "office" of Team Theorists. I want to pull back the curtain on what it takes to run this channel; the time, the people, the MEETINGS! No more secrets. Thank YOU for sticking with me over the years and I can't wait to see what happens over the next 10 years. So sit back and get ready to have the full Team Theorists experience. You've earned it!
I also want to thank our team for coming on and being a part of the video! Talk about face reveals!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, Jason Parker, and Chris Widin
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • FortnoX5E1H
    FortnoX5E1H20 dni temu

    By far my *FAVOURITE* video on this channel! Happy 10th Game theorists🥳

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    11 dni temu

    This is as easy thing to say as saying I figure it out The for fanf have timeline

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    Sonic Saturn

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    James Axel

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    The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy

    14 dni temu

    Abd their cult is by far my favorite cult

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  • Funky Surgeon
    Funky Surgeon6 godzin temu

    Jason is a mood!

  • Grantonator
    Grantonator8 godzin temu

    So glad to hear MatPat's out of the closet!

  • Viktor 1406
    Viktor 14068 godzin temu

    I just want to say thank you for making my day for videos that make me forget exams

  • The Animator
    The Animator10 godzin temu

    19:30 is the hidden easter egg the giant “peanut butter jelly time” banana dancing behind the restaurants?

  • Eric Christiani
    Eric Christiani11 godzin temu

    Hold the f*** up! MOVIEBOB is one of your writers??? HOW HAVE I NOT KNOWN THIS!?

  • Sanosu
    Sanosu15 godzin temu

    I actually haven't gotten bored of fnaf videos. The lord and theories are very interesting.

  • Derg Hansen
    Derg Hansen15 godzin temu

    Matpat meets the pope and became sus

  • Black Rabbit
    Black Rabbit20 godzin temu

    Mat-Pat,Dad-pat,Scott-pat,Game-pat,Film-pat,Food-pat,Summer-pat,fnaf-pat,theory-pat,nintendo-pat, AND Ruınıng your childhood-pat All the mat-pats

  • Leo
    Leo21 godzinę temu

    the one thing that impresses me the most is that they are so organized, yet so chaotic for some reason, as all things should be, im not even gonna criticise the work they do, its just that its fun work and not bad work

  • brian turner
    brian turner22 godzin temu

    Damn he looks stressed af

  • Wong Tinkie
    Wong Tinkie23 godzin temu

    *…wait mat why were watching some spinning text of wingdings-*

  • devansh banga
    devansh bangaDzień temu

    Hey!!!are we just gonna ignore the fact that most people that get Mat's E-mails are sexist?!?! Steph should get her own channel

  • A random Person
    A random PersonDzień temu

    I would live to see a Little nightmares theory just me?

  • Katlin Vaughan
    Katlin VaughanDzień temu

    #matpat realty tv

  • egg eggy
    egg eggyDzień temu

    for you who dont know the easter egg in food theory and dont click see more it contains the answer that i think is correct its that the pizza place from fnaf across the road

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel BrownDzień temu

    Why is Jack Black mat's editor?

  • Bo
    BoDzień temu

    So this is where Jason has gone! I miss him on GTLive but good for him becoming head of production!

  • PanPrimary
    PanPrimaryDzień temu

    I've been watching since the bullet bill episode. I think I was seven? Now i'm 15 and I still can't do math, but you've always been there for me Mat.

  • Turkeyboy
    TurkeyboyDzień temu

    Koen verhagen is Dutch heck yeah 🇳🇱 respect for my fellow native

  • Subby Nien
    Subby NienDzień temu

    Oh god, I laugh/cried at the reading the comments bit. I think I even snorted a bit at the "How can you tell I put on quarantine pounds?!?" Here's to another 10 years guys, thank you, everyone for everything you do. Cheers guys!

  • Beta Sprite
    Beta SpriteDzień temu

    The jokes and gags were great the whole way through.

  • Audiostyleable
    AudiostyleableDzień temu

    Wow Austin got his by that dad gene hard

  • Audiostyleable
    AudiostyleableDzień temu

    Wow til movie bob is also theory bob who knew

  • Qz
    QzDzień temu

    I remember watching an episode from 6-8 years back.. man.

  • Elizabeth StCyr
    Elizabeth StCyrDzień temu

    Oh and matpat and everyone else who works on game theory and food theory and film theory thank you this has been the best channel that I have ever seen the first video I watched of game theory was a bendy and the ink machine theory

  • Elizabeth StCyr
    Elizabeth StCyrDzień temu


  • nuno miguel
    nuno miguelDzień temu

    Poor chica.

  • {Çrëamy•Øręo}
    {Çrëamy•Øręo}Dzień temu

    It was the child who believes 4am is a perfectly good time to wake everyone up, for me XD

  • gpurin
    gpurin2 dni temu

    Steph is the best, you rule

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan2 dni temu

    I’m sorry, I got completely lost in Jason’s ocean blue eyes what were you saying?

  • Superstorm
    Superstorm2 dni temu

    Thanks May for everything you have done!(just realized I have been watching this channel for 2 years now and I never subbed I’m dumb)

  • Madi Ward
    Madi Ward2 dni temu

    I know its a joke, but please tell me your team doesn't actually hate you and is extremely annoyed by you? Please.

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    Riley Dowell2 dni temu

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  • Bastion Robin
    Bastion Robin2 dni temu

    Gotta love Matt’s insanity “bit”

  • Bastion Robin
    Bastion Robin2 dni temu

    You also have to find stuff that seems odd or out of place in the story.

  • Captain Pusabs
    Captain Pusabs2 dni temu

    I think the secret in the Food Theory intro is that Nugget appears out of a pile of chicken nuggets.

  • Bugaboo 253
    Bugaboo 2532 dni temu

    The thread of “Scott Cawthon > Is my dad? > Is my stepdad? > No I feel like I would know if Scott were my stepdad” on that theory board is so incredibly funny to me PLEASE

  • xDeckapex
    xDeckapex2 dni temu

    I love Austin

  • BGtv
    BGtv2 dni temu

    To think all this started with Matt recording, editing, researching, and everything by himself. It's gone so far beyond but still has the same level of charm. You are all doing great work, congrats on 10 years!

  • Louise Ries
    Louise Ries2 dni temu

    Umm yes please release the particle physics version :D

  • •Shi-duki•
    •Shi-duki•2 dni temu

    I love how the priority list has "eat" and "breath" as the first two things-

  • Crazy’s Show
    Crazy’s Show3 dni temu

    Since there is so many game theory videos, is there a video on Halo: Reach, how noble 6 is still alive?

  • Parker Coplin
    Parker Coplin3 dni temu

    I Saw FNF In There And I Need A Threoy On It Stat MatPat I'll Be Waiting...

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    SilverCheetah-the-Yautja-Ambu3 dni temu

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    Aye._.ItsCookie :p3 dni temu

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    Goat Gang CCNJ3 dni temu

    Dang....I feel awful for blaming Jason all these years

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    eli sakuatsu3 dni temu

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  • eli sakuatsu

    eli sakuatsu

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    5 6 4 10 17 9 6 19 20 6 4 19 6 21 4 16 5 6

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    Blue Aura3 dni temu

    The work meme really screamed in this video

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    The something videos3 dni temu

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    Ricardo Dominguez3 dni temu

    I’d never thought I know so much about an episode about how Wall e is a cannibal movie

    DAVID AMADOR3 dni temu

    12:18 Hide Easter eggs in list =P

  • i am heavy
    i am heavy3 dni temu

    jeez he's been a game theorist as long as i've been alive

  • Jordan Craighead
    Jordan Craighead3 dni temu

    wait where was the black guy that they showed in the beginning lmaoo? i wanted to meet the brother on the team💀💀💀

  • Melody Zezulka
    Melody Zezulka3 dni temu

    in the food theory intro there's a shop called bendy's

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    13:43 *Insert gay joke here*

  • Link Masters - Remote-Kid's Game Corner
    Link Masters - Remote-Kid's Game Corner3 dni temu

    Link demands a Zelda theory, Link is not happy, Link wants to see himself now!!!!!! Thank you and may the triforce forever shine in your favor as well as grant your wish.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin3 dni temu

    Jason is the game theory twilight sparkle XD

  • Norcal Bowhunter
    Norcal Bowhunter3 dni temu

    I find it laughable that you say you research things. Your video on why Magneto can stop bullets was total BS. I mean you literally said cops use different coloring casings to see the bullets in the dark. 🤣🤣🤣 Except the fact that you don't shoot a bullet with the casing. The bullet gets pushed via an explosion out of the casing and down the barrel while the casing gets ejected out of the action. You even went as far to show bullets flying around with casings still attached. Common bro, any research would have told you that's not how bullets work. Clearly not an ounce of research was given in how guns and bullets function, and I've doubted every video you made since.

  • Japheth Yang
    Japheth Yang3 dni temu

    I own that blue sweater matt owns and I'll never look at it the same again

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    FrozenZenBerry4 dni temu

    And people say they don't like Game Theory. Smh.

  • Jimmy Bennett
    Jimmy Bennett4 dni temu

    must be nice to be rich

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    MrGrimfacade4 dni temu

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    In honor of the anniversary I will give u my very first theory/detail I noticed Ok so has anyone else noticed that glitch trap’s vest is made out of foxy’s curtain 👀

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    Allen Sorensen4 dni temu

    Sooooo many white people in MatPat’s orbit

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    jean bean4 dni temu

    I think i know the food theory intro Easter egg if you pause the intro right after you enter the restaurant the letters from "hello internet" spell out "loner"

  • S dV
    S dV4 dni temu

    To see real people behind all this makes you value the content more. Good episode, thanks guys.

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    Sami Schultz4 dni temu

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    Shep Webster4 dni temu

    2nd time watching this channel mainly watch film theory

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    MemoryMori4 dni temu

    Austin? You look so...old and tired.... SAVE AUSTIN!! :D

  • William Smith

    William Smith

    4 dni temu

    Have you seen his videos, being old and tired is like half he talks about in-between screaming about extremely large numbers

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    eagledblue4 dni temu

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    We love you Steph!!!

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    Becky Leeson4 dni temu

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    Lauren Jones4 dni temu

    Austin is still one of my favorites!!!!

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    Bim BimBap4 dni temu

    Happy 10 years. You also worked at Defy for a chuck of time too you guys are busy people!

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    Lizzy Rose4 dni temu

    This was by far my favorite episode LMAO make sure to take a vacation Matt!

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    R Yamcha5 dni temu

    So late, yet 10 years of amazing content. Thank you for the great times, more to come.

  • The Misfit Owl
    The Misfit Owl5 dni temu

    Me: I wanna be a PLwhiter Crying in the corner over the sheer amount of work this is! 😭😭😭

  • The Misfit Owl

    The Misfit Owl

    2 dni temu

    @D D Actually I'm a PLwhite Artist. My few videos are about drawing and stuff. Drawing timelapses take a while to make too, it's fun though.

  • D D

    D D

    3 dni temu

    Making videos like gaming videos is probably much easier because channels like game theory need to do stuff like research

  • Jade Ash
    Jade Ash5 dni temu

    Throughout 10 years of Game Theory what's my favorite moment? 10:51 this... THIS!

  • omorii 감독은
    omorii 감독은5 dni temu

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