The Secret Horror Behind Carrion's Monster | The SCIENCE of... Carrion


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What's more fun than playing as a monster bent on eating humanity? Well, not much, but today Austin is going to try to top it! The monster you play in Carrion is often assumed to be an alien brought into this facility. Yet, there are many gruesome hints throughout the game that may prove we have all been too quick with our guesses. That's right, the origins of this monster are much more Earthly... and much more horrible. Take it away, Austin!
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  • just some random internet dude
    just some random internet dude6 godzin temu

    bacteria: lives on land some random algae: hippity hoppity your DNA is now my property

  • Martin Ferreira
    Martin Ferreira8 godzin temu

    20 buck == cheap ?? damn in my country that would cost like 35 bucks

  • habbomirror 123
    habbomirror 12315 godzin temu

    meanwhile i never thought it was an alien in the first place

  • Midasu Kamui
    Midasu Kamui20 godzin temu

    Isn't it obviously Carnage?

  • FriedBrilliant69
    FriedBrilliant6922 godzin temu

    I haven't watch the video yet so my guess it's a mutated tumor... Edit: Looks like I'm wrong...

  • Jyori Ru
    Jyori RuDzień temu

    As someone named Jason, my body went cold.

  • Rob Schneider
    Rob SchneiderDzień temu

    Carrion is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable games I've played in recent memory; good to see it getting some spotlight here.

  • Lane Ard
    Lane ArdDzień temu

    Let It Be Known, At The End Of Carrion, When You Get The Final Power, The Biomass Bunches Together Into A Human, The Same Looking Human As You Play As In The Flashbacks, I Assume At The Beginning, Your Playing As A Blob Of That Human After An Expirement Gone Wrong.

  • Jay Hobbs
    Jay HobbsDzień temu

    Kinda creeped out that's my name

  • Chaos Machinator
    Chaos Machinator2 dni temu

    I feel like it's probably the monster from The Thing, or at least inspired by it.

  • Chaos Machinator

    Chaos Machinator

    2 dni temu

    Btw, John Carpenter's The Thing freaking rules... I feel like this theorist needs to watch it. :) Thank me later!

  • ZGuy0fSci
    ZGuy0fSci2 dni temu

    also... "Grey Goo." Who really can say. It would be interesting to see the next step of things. (or red-goo in this case?)

  • ZGuy0fSci
    ZGuy0fSci2 dni temu

    "The Game with everything to love in it........................ except an active or ongoing map."

  • Gerald Yeager
    Gerald Yeager3 dni temu

    Absorbs genetic memory from its prey, desire to escape, military & secret organization. Hmm🤔 that sounds like Prototype. Also it looks like Eric from the SCP containment breach.

  • TRUEN3SS 9003
    TRUEN3SS 90033 dni temu

    2:17 You're right Austin! If the planet is still intact, you lose in Metroid. It must be blown to bits.

  • Christopher Columbus MLKJ
    Christopher Columbus MLKJ3 dni temu

    01:09 I would play it but I need to pay for it

  • Cardinal
    Cardinal3 dni temu

    You're not a really smart guy, aren't you?

  • No One
    No One3 dni temu

    I hate hearing this guy's voice

  • eli klein
    eli klein4 dni temu

    I mean, you could make something that is a swarm of smaller insect like things that hatch in an exponential growth model, the new generations would have the genetic "modules"... then just introduce some sort of central control, and like a half-hive, half-living skin suit... I'm just going to stop.

  • LBNO
    LBNO4 dni temu

    Beautiful game very glad it got a video

  • Great content
    Great content4 dni temu

    monster with an unknown origin trying to escape a lab that looks like nothing on earth, well you dint have to make a video friend because its clearly a secret SCP game

  • Jesus loves you
    Jesus loves you4 dni temu

    4:36 dang it he got me. i turned around

  • Mothlean
    Mothlean4 dni temu

    Carnage simulator

  • Annie Chandler
    Annie Chandler4 dni temu

    2:43 I'm going to call deep sea creature , they all look like they're from hell

  • Annie Chandler

    Annie Chandler

    4 dni temu

    Orrrr not

  • Ethan McCallister
    Ethan McCallister4 dni temu

    “La-BOR-atory” okay Dexter

  • Isaiah Bender
    Isaiah Bender5 dni temu

    Carrions monster is just Kirby’s insides.

  • 999sailhatan
    999sailhatan5 dni temu

    There is blc for the game

  • William Smith

    William Smith

    4 dni temu

    I don't think it is canon though, just a holiday special

  • *.Shooting Star.*
    *.Shooting Star.*6 dni temu

    Ya see i woud love to play it but im pretty damn broke Right nowwww

  • Moeimeal Drafish
    Moeimeal Drafish6 dni temu

    Why i thinks its a alien If you found something on your planet and you have the ability to travel to other planets you should send it there for research so if it does break loose it takes over that planet not yours and in the sence were they find it it looks like in the middle east of northern Africa so if you believe the fact that the piramids were made by aliens then this could be on

  • Raven Twilight
    Raven Twilight6 dni temu

    Austin: I am so old I'm going to die soon! Great my existential crisis is back

  • Jimmy Boxley
    Jimmy Boxley6 dni temu

    Austin!!! Always loved you, and this doesn't change! I played the game, I found that softlock!!! I didn't know of anything else about it, then happened upon this video. Thanks for making this vid, such a wonderfully small world!

  • deet fer
    deet fer6 dni temu

    has anyone seen a videogame called prototype? prototype is a game where a viral disease escapes, infests Manhattan, etc. etc.. the interesting thing though is that the protagonist, who basically the virus taken a human form, can consume and copy different abilities from enemies, similar to this, as well as memories, and transforms in a very similar way. it is also created by a science lab, and experimented on, which leads the the viral breakout. look it up, and yall will see how similar they are

  • Lawrence Calablaster
    Lawrence Calablaster6 dni temu

    I invented a monster like this, but I haven’t figured out the “growth & heat” problem yet.

  • Lawrence Calablaster
    Lawrence Calablaster6 dni temu

    I like Austin’s mispronunciations of scientific names.

  • Monke High Command TF2
    Monke High Command TF26 dni temu

    Can give comic link?

  • Temlate
    Temlate7 dni temu

    Whats the Carrion Comic name?

  • Tiny Cacodemon
    Tiny Cacodemon7 dni temu

    I like to think carrion is a species and there are multiple Creatures and there are many in facilities under ground

  • viktor garaj
    viktor garaj7 dni temu

    it aint not a alien its a BIO mass of some type of tissue maybe humans but i tryed making a thing like that well it turned out that it was alive i made it from human DNA and other animal DNA making a creepy mass that kept on growing until i went to prison because of it ive waited in prison 20 years

  • Rivaldy
    Rivaldy8 dni temu

    *H E N T A C L E T E N T A I*

  • Alan Tennant
    Alan Tennant8 dni temu

    I bet the rotifers often diminish themselves by sticking in a bit of alien DNA at random, image a coder doing this, sometimes it works but often it just breaks stuff. Also viruses have given humans random bits of other organisms DNA before.

  • The Grand Crosser
    The Grand Crosser8 dni temu

    "Or maybe to make biologicial weapons." Technically humans are biological weapons.

  • Ty Mckenzie
    Ty Mckenzie8 dni temu

    your making me becoming a monster i MUST EAT STEEL THERE DNA AND GROW AND evolve I NEED biomass

  • Dinn Bismarck
    Dinn Bismarck9 dni temu

    He completely glossed over the moss and ruins part, as he was assuming this game takes place in the same time period as us. I feel like the game's world was already overrun and the monster eventually starved out from having eaten like 90% of life. Then like 2000 years later after humanity recovered, the company finds this old ruin and takes all of the tech and samples and say that they made it. Which kind of explains why they are still using helicopter drones and simple mechs as well as much more advanced tech like antigravity attack drones and forcefields, as well as those guards that you can't eat but still spout blood when you kill them which i can only assume are cyborgs. Anyway just my headcannon...

  • guns are fun
    guns are fun10 dni temu

    how did i go from watching friday night funkin to this

  • Joseph Suarez
    Joseph Suarez10 dni temu

    Not gonna lie when I played this it never crossed my mind that the carrion was supposed to be alien

  • Julianjared DelPoso
    Julianjared DelPoso10 dni temu

    its like us but with extra powers its if it gets too big and gets too hot itll just learn how to transfer heat then with a burning tentacle who knows what it can do

  • Dark Panda
    Dark Panda10 dni temu

    6:42 I have never eaten plate

  • xx bomba
    xx bomba10 dni temu

    The carrion monster is just a bunch of tubefex worms so it's not gaining a bigger body it's getting more worms so heat wouldn't be the problem

  • Lance Seo
    Lance Seo10 dni temu

    it infects a scientist in an attempt to escape this gives me fnaf sister location vibes

  • Herobrine_jr Hero
    Herobrine_jr Hero10 dni temu

    No i have no played it... but i have watched it :V

  • Chimerat
    Chimerat11 dni temu

    *eyes game rating* Maybe you should have said "Go play it right now, if you're of age?" Apparently it's M-rated.

  • A G
    A G12 dni temu

    At least he’s going over a good game.. and I came early

  • Praxid
    Praxid12 dni temu

    miniature theory: We're playing 2021 on medium difficulty, because a thing humans made got out of control; the 'rona. Hard difficulty will be the carrion monster.

  • John Walker
    John Walker12 dni temu

    Wait what about in the demo a digital sign says that discovered it when it crashed through a wall and killed a few people not created by relith science they just strengthen it

  • JustZseeo
    JustZseeo14 dni temu

    It's behind you... Me who's laying on the bed: Haha you tried.

  • quicksilver YT
    quicksilver YT14 dni temu

    Ditto on steroids

  • Simon Tracer
    Simon Tracer15 dni temu

    Have you heard of the lava creature. This is weird living black ooze. Also the items that are in your body that pull apart the DNA and distributed. Look at also the fastest developing eggs or insects. Consider how carnivores that eat a lot of animals are able to regrow their teeth for a lizard its tail. But then go into the actual conscious body. There is no such thing that we understand unless you go into the movie Lucy. In it she takes over parts of her body until she has complete 100% conscious control over any faculty of her body capable of reshaping from different forms changing what she metabolizes and eventually warping through time which is weird. She also creates a smart organic computer. If you haven't seen Lucy you better watch it and then and you video based on that understanding. Has control over how fast are Nails grew based on how materials We Gather. If we could consciously control the parts of our body that makes the genetic changing. And really there's nothing to say we cannot develop that ability. This game is not science fiction at all. What happens when you tell your muscles to just simply start pulling in all different ways. Muscle structure of a tongue from a lizard becomes your arm and you have many of them? Also it is possible to be changing your body structure without being warm. Look at jellyfish in the Mariana Trench. Are they warm when they flutter about? Consider that an octopus is smart throughout any part of its limbs. You only scratched the surface

  • Rnzler
    Rnzler15 dni temu

    Does nobody speculate on how this might have gone to become the Wall Of Flesh?

  • Drakkenmensch Silverflare
    Drakkenmensch Silverflare15 dni temu

    ... the genestealers from Warhammer 40k originated from earth, haven't they?

  • The Cryptic Cryptek

    The Cryptic Cryptek

    10 dni temu

    No Genestealers originated from tyranids. Infecting one survivor from a recent attack with a genestealer virus to control their mind and infiltrate a planet. This individual will become a genetealer patriarch who will spread the infection. Overtime the dependents of the infected will take on tyranid features. Some small and passable for human others are born as unholy abominations And the tyranids don't care where u came from they r able to consume and use all DNA. There have been Tau and Eldar genestealers before

  • Ninetailedfox gamer
    Ninetailedfox gamer16 dni temu

    It can become real if you make it fire or temperature resistant

  • TwistedRap 8910
    TwistedRap 891016 dni temu


  • Fox Flyer
    Fox Flyer17 dni temu

    Me who hasn't played the game before watching this. I'm above the law

  • Liam Ossa
    Liam Ossa17 dni temu

    i thout this was litel nightmares or tarreria

  • nicholas wroten
    nicholas wroten17 dni temu

    I hate you

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith19 dni temu

    That "Carrion" creature with all these powers in another planet, would be called a "super imposter", bet they put this guy in the game, even as an imposter.

  • zeima lovail
    zeima lovail19 dni temu

    not the torah the bible 3:30

  • eddie


    8 dni temu

    they both contain the old testament

  • Ferenc Cseh
    Ferenc Cseh19 dni temu

    Yaaay! Austin!!!

  • Ryan Orion14
    Ryan Orion1420 dni temu

    Ever read the original H. P. Lovecraft stories?? This is one of those monsters... A specific one I think, I just can't think of the name. Also, yes where is the second one?! Or a backstory game?

  • Nicolò Carrea

    Nicolò Carrea

    17 dni temu

    Maybe it's a Shoggoth?

  • Kerp
    Kerp20 dni temu

    people named Jason be shaking

  • missingindy
    missingindy21 dzień temu

    Hey friend, what is AVPT?

  • dalphabanana
    dalphabanana21 dzień temu

    "mostly does not represent something on our planet" what do you mean *mostly* ?

  • yusun erdene
    yusun erdene21 dzień temu

    Now the carrion is in space and hes killing some colorful BEANS!

  • Mikey Ward
    Mikey Ward22 dni temu

    Austin: This thing exists in real life, and its right behind you Jason! My son, Jason: AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan22 dni temu

    I mean, humans could never build on to anything. If they find an ancient alien facility, or decrepit old human facilities, they can't explore it unless it already has levers and metal scaffolding and bulkhead doors. There is no way for scientists or explorers to add new things to old structures. Completely impossible. Also, if something is described as "coming before a flood that wiped a large portion of humanity off the face of the earth" and you say "this couldn't be around at the same time as humans!!!1" you're just ignoring the definition and stating that scientists know the Old Testament was all lies and that none of the events ever happened. This is the opposite of science. Horridly incorrect 'science' is not a good way to start a 'science' video.

  • eddie


    8 dni temu

    they do know that...

  • Olive gaming
    Olive gaming22 dni temu

    Austin,What you’re playing as is the title: Carrion

  • Chris Stanley
    Chris Stanley22 dni temu

    So basically Austin confirmed this thing is an scp

  • Adam
    Adam23 dni temu

    That's nice but we want part two of the fall out survive vid

  • SpaceBro
    SpaceBro23 dni temu

    I wonder if the imposters from Among Us were like this, that would be so cool and so scary. Maybe whenever you kill another crewmate as the monster imposter thing, you could either gain their DNA and turn into them like the morph mod or maybe you could unlock DNA stuff around the map. That would be so cool! Multiplayer Carrion, make it happen devs!

  • Graffitti Gecko.
    Graffitti Gecko.23 dni temu

    When I got the game, I played since last month on both campaigns. This game is the only reason why 2020 was good for personally.

  • Graffitti Gecko.
    Graffitti Gecko.23 dni temu

    I have the game and I am so addicted and obsesed with the lore and Im so happy that gametheory is making a video on it! And whats even better is that I might learn som e lore from this video and understand more about the CARRION universe.

  • Sarymonx
    Sarymonx23 dni temu

    If the carrion monster could survive its own flames, it would be even more scary. Imagine a giant flaming hot writhing mass of meat hunting you down through the lab

  • Kryptos
    Kryptos23 dni temu

    I saw carrion before, and I wasn't really into it... now I am

  • Uni Playz
    Uni Playz24 dni temu


  • Kevin T
    Kevin T25 dni temu

    On the note about genetic incompatibility “Remember, genes are NOT blueprints. This means you can’t, for example, insert “the genes for an elephant’s trunk” into a giraffe and get a giraffe with a trunk. There -are- no genes for trunks. What you CAN do with genes is chemistry, since DNA codes for chemicals. For instance, we can in theory splice the native plants’ talent for nitrogen fixation into a terran plant.” - Academician Prokhor Zakharov, “Nonlinear Genetics”

  • Jason Paradis
    Jason Paradis25 dni temu

    Okay, not going to lie. Creeped me out completely when Austin said "it's right behind you Jason!"

  • Jason Paradis
    Jason Paradis25 dni temu

    Austin! If this game is pulling from Apopocryphal Lore than the antedeluvian human technology in that apochrypha is written as being extremely advanced, well past simple agriculture. The Lore includes metalurgy, magnetism based tech, Electric based energy sources, complex mechanisms and machinery. Some even have medical descrptions that infer more advancement. The lore is rich for anyone who wants to come up with a fantasy game like this.

  • zeroxxtt2
    zeroxxtt225 dni temu

    i regret watching this while having dinner

  • Ryū
    Ryū25 dni temu

    Some old people : - You are what you eat This thing : - Got it

  • zenol leytan
    zenol leytan26 dni temu

    um actually the creatures you show at 7:45 are actually bacteriophages, not virus's.

  • berry bear
    berry bear26 dni temu


  • gabriel donadelli
    gabriel donadelli26 dni temu

    Sr. Pelo Warned us...

  • Mary Quinlan
    Mary Quinlan26 dni temu

    wut if my name is Justin dn dnn dnnnnnn

  • Nothsa Rekcap
    Nothsa Rekcap26 dni temu

    It’s carnage all the powers and abilities, the constant hunger for blood, the color, the original story of it being alien, I mean even the name carrion is a synonym for carnage, just saying.

  • Finisours in Ghetto
    Finisours in Ghetto26 dni temu

    I thought video about terraria's wall of flesh...

  • Jester
    Jester26 dni temu

    Hello here from the future some lady who i don't remember the name made a new technology to change out genetic data (I think) at this point I don't know whats happening

  • JohnnyJoestarTheCripple
    JohnnyJoestarTheCripple27 dni temu

    Wall of flesh portable edition

  • Alivea Castillo
    Alivea Castillo27 dni temu

    Insert tentacle hentai a joke here.

  • Master 06
    Master 0627 dni temu

    you could play "evolve" but it's more like a third person action game, as monster ^^

  • Jacovie Wright
    Jacovie Wright27 dni temu

    It wouldnt have to grow exponetionlay to be dangerous. Hell, I'd argue that a slower developing organism would be more dangerous.

  • N Chasz
    N Chasz27 dni temu

    I'd like to see this encounter The Black Light Virus from Prototype

  • Clay K
    Clay K28 dni temu

    this whole video all I can think of is a SCP titled "Fresh that hate"